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Welcome to RevoltModding we are a Xbox 360 modding team we do Mods on most Call Of Dutys Like Mw2,Cod 4.Sign up to have a chance to get in some of our awesome lobbys.If you want to join our Modding Team just message RM Official.

RM Modder Has left the Team for a Nother Clan so RM official is the Leader and we  looking for a Member in are clan to Be the Co Leader  for RevoltModding.


The leaders of the team are RM Official and RM Founder we are joint leaders

Top 10 Reliable Hosters :

RM OfficIal- Official Hoster, Patch editor, Website creator,Leader

RM Host - Offical Hoster .  Recoreder, Patch editor + Coderr

RM Waved - Official Hoster. Patch maker 

RM C0dez - Offical Hoster ,  Patch Creator

RM Hoster - Offical Hoster , Patch Editor

RM Jasper v1 - Offical Hoster , Patch Editor 

RM Fun Lobbies - Offical Co-Host

RM Corrupt-Offical Hoster -Online Jtag - Mw2 Challenge lobby hoster

RM Custom -Offical Hoster

RM Freezing

RM BreezyModz

RM Jaspers

Our RM members will get Moderator/Administrator 

RGHs Were recived of:
JTAG Galore- RM Official
Monoxide- RM Founder 
Rodentmodz- RM Host
Both very legit sellers quick and reliable 
They have both of our vouches 
If in need of a JTAG/RGH buy of them
Both on TTG.

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